The Ultimate Guide To The Live Edge Dining Table

Live edge furniture appears everywhere in magazines as well as on Instagram as well as in chic coffee shops. What exactly is it?

Living edge furniture furniture that has the natural edge of wood that is still present. There are various kinds of furniture with live edges, including coffee tables chairs, dining tables and many more. However, in this post we’ll concentrate specifically on the dining tables with live edges.

We’ll explain the basics of what it is and what kinds of live edge dining tables are available as well as the advantages of having one, how they are constructed, and what it is in general (and which factors affect the cost).

We’ll also teach you how to design natural edge tables to complement your home. Let’s get started!

Live edge tables, a definition

What exactly is an edge-on-live dining table?

A live edge can be described as a part made of wood which hasn’t been cut, which means that it’s in its natural shape. A table with a live edge differs from standard tables because the natural edge remains in place, usually by cutting the wood in such a way that the edge remains part of the final product.

There are many kinds table tops that live on edge however they all share a common feature that is they are all unique! Each table will never be identical since they’re made from various bits of lumber.

Not the same as edge of bark tables.

It is essential to make an distinction between live edge table and an edge table with bark.

Usually, tables with live edges have been stripped of the bark from the wood. However, the tables with a bark edge have some bark left. This is a crucial distinction since it impacts the overall appearance and functionality for the table.

Live edge tables typically offer a more clean and polished appearance, while the tables with a bark edge offer a more natural and rustic appearance.

In addition the bark can break down over time, no matter the way it is sealed. This isn’t the best option for tables that is used regularly.

Live edge tables of various types dining tables

As with traditional dining tables live edge tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The most popular kinds that live-edge dining tables are include:


There are many variations of shapes, including the following:

Custom or unusual shapes

As you will see, the possibilities are limitless. And this is especially true when you add tables that is made of any of the following substances:


Each one of these materials each has its own unique appearance and feel which can be improved with live edge tables. When designing a layout for your table of your own design it is crucial to consider the overall appearance you’re seeking to achieve.

For instance, if you have a modern minimalist house living edge dining table that has a metal base is a great option. However, if you have an eclectic or rustic house, a wooden base might be more appropriate.

Benefits of owning a living edge dining table

There are many benefits to having live edge dining tables:

They’re distinctive and unique. Like we said that no two tables are the identical. This makes every table unique and perfect for those looking for something unique from the typical dining table.

They are a natural appearance and feel. The live edge creates an organic and natural appearance that isn’t seen in the traditional tables. This makes them ideal for those looking to bring warmth and character to their homes.

They’re eco-friendly. Tables with live edges are constructed out of the entire tree, so you’ll be able to feel confident about the purchase knowing none of the trees was used in the creation of the table.

They’re durable. You can anticipate having tables with live edges for years to come because they’re made to last.

They’re versatile. They can be utilized in many different configurations, from formal dining area to rustic cabin.

If you’re thinking of buying one, be aware the fact that tables with live edges can be somewhat more costly as compared to traditional tables.

Live edge dining table cost

It’s likely that you’ve guessed that tables with live edges aren’t inexpensively. But what will they cost you, in actual?

Prices can be extremely different, dependent on a variety of variables, including:

wood species. The most costly kinds of wood are those that are extremely rare or hard to locate like maple, walnut white oak, cherry. Less expensive wood choices include the hickory and ash varieties, pin oak as well as red oak.

Size and thickness of wood slabs The thicker and larger the live edge slab of wood is, the more costly the table will cost.

Type of finish : A wood finish will ensure that your table is shielded from the elements of moisture and other substances. A better quality finish is more costly. The general rule is that an epoxy table will be the most expensive, whereas the polyurethane finish will be cheaper than.

Additional charges (delivery or custom embellishments and so on.) There could be additional charges, like delivery charges and the price of having the custom-designed shape or design cut in the table.

What is the reason tables with live edges so costly?

Apart from the expense of materials, it requires an immense amount of effort and dedication to make sure that live edge dining tables is built to the highest standards.

From the time you harvest the wood until finishing sanding, sealing and sealing each step is vital to creating a beautiful and long-lasting table.

Additionally, due to the natural curvature and shape of the slabs of wood, they require a meticulous hand-selection and shaped. This is a lengthy process that can add to the total price for the table.

Live edge pieces can’t be manufactured in large quantities. It is not advisable since this could ruin the appeal and character of the wood.
How do you design an edged table with natural wood

Once you’ve learned all regarding live edge table tops now is the time to find out how to style one for your own home.

The best part is that an edge-to-edge kitchen table is a great fit in virtually any setting regardless of whether it’s modern sleek and minimalist or raw and industrial, or warm and rustic.

Here are some suggestions to style your table:

Pick the best chairs. Try various shapes and styles. We suggest sticking with an easy, minimalist style so that the table’s beauty be evident. You might even think about the use of a taller table with barstools?

Consider the lighting you use. Because live edge tables tend to be more dark than conventional tables, you’ll need to make sure that you have the correct lighting to create the right mood and create a warm and welcoming environment.

You can also add some extras. Some well-placed and well-placed items can make a truly live edge table sparkle. From candles to flowers to interesting knick-knacks are endless options.

The wood species you choose should match your interior. If you prefer a rustic style you might want to consider a table using a species of wood like oak or hickory. If you prefer something more contemporary and sleek, consider tables made of lighter woods like cherry or maple.

Don’t be scared to play around. The great thing about live edge tables can be styled a variety of different ways. Test different combinations and discover which one works best for you and your house.

What is the best table edge for you

Before making any decisions regarding the purchase you are considering, it would be advisable to take into consideration some things.

The first step is to consider the dimensions of your kitchen. A live edge table is quite big therefore, make sure that you have enough space for it.

Consider how the table is going to be utilized. A live edge dining table is ideal for use in the everyday, but it is also suitable in a formal dining area in which it is utilized less often.

Also, think about your budget. As we’ve mentioned Live edge table games can become costly. Don’t let that deter you from playing – there’s numerous options to suit every budget.

After you’ve looked at these aspects It’s time to start shopping!


The live-edge pieces have become a rage design in furniture and for an excellent reason. They are not only beautiful to behold and feel, but they also have numerous benefits unlike traditional tables.

If you’re thinking about buying a live edge table ensure you do the research first. Be aware of what you can expect regarding price and make sure you are prepared to buy an item that can last for a long time.

Now, it’s time for you to enjoy yourself and play around with various styles until you have the perfect style to fit your space.

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