Reliable and Versatile Water Solutions: Lowara Submersible Pumps Best Practices

We usually use submersible pumps to draw water from ponds, wells, and other waterholes, and we also use them in the construction industry. In cases of flooding or sewage problems, these pumps are also beneficial. You will read the installation solutions for these pumps in this blog, so let’s go ahead.

Lowara Pumps are potent pumps submerged in water to pump them efficiently and effectively. These pumps are widely used for pumping wastewater and sewage but are also appropriate for household use, such as pumping out a basement or swimming pool.

These submersible pumps are available in different versions and powers, depending on the application and the type of water. They are usually very reliable and can pump large volumes of water quickly. 

In this blog, we will delve into the Lowara submersible pumps best practices that will make water management solutions very easy.

Those lowara submersible pumps’ best practices are described below

Lowara Submersible Pumps Best Practices For Clean and Tainted Liquids

In addition to providing guidance, National Pumps and Boilers can supply you with various submersible pumps, from pumps for clean liquids such as drinking water, industrial water, and effluent to polluted fluids such as influent and feces.

These pumps and turbines come in various designs, such as whirlpool impellers, single or multi-channel impellers, totally closed impellers, semi-open impellers, and entirely open impellers.

We need to utilize a corrosion-resistant material in the case of chemically contaminated water, and we can choose between Duplex and stainless steel for this. The right choice guarantees trouble-free procedure at the lowest possible power expenses.

Lowara Submersible Pump best practice includes Set-Up

More nominal variants can be positioned literally on the surface. We supply industrial submersible pumps with a ‘tripod’ or a ‘coupling paw bends turn.’

● Submerged Installation:

● Portable Installation:

● Vertical Dry Installation:

● Horizontal Dry Installation:

The Best Possible Solutions for Your Applications

The lowara submersible pumps best practices that ensure the versatile usage. There are many types of pumps and just as many applications, such as a submersible, circulation, or well pump. Due to this diversity of pumps, it is wise to be well-informed about what type of pump to purchase or overhaul. 

Our team, with various pump experts, can advise you on the best possible solution. The best explanation for these solutions is our product, Ecocirc Xlplus 40 150 FOur experts can also assist you with purchasing and installing the pump for your applications.

Our firm has strong relationships with various submersible pump manufacturers and can give you helpful advice on purchasing many types and brands of pumps.

Selection Criteria for Lowara Submersible Pumps

A Lowara pump is a pump that is submerged in the medium to pump away clean or impure water. These are among the most commonly used pumps; the range is extensive.

When choosing a lowara submersible pump, it is essential to consider the size, the significance of water, the maximum head, and the expected pumping speed. Therefore, it is necessary to map out the selection criteria your pump must meet sufficiently. We list the most important things here for you:

Clogging-Free Pumps

Our pumps have a cutting device for the inlet flange (suction flange). This device reduces all solid parts to pumpable parts. Some dirty water pumps are as standard, with a cutting machine on both sealing rings at the front and rear of the impeller. With the open impellers, some pumps have a wear plate with standard cutting grooves, which ensure clog-free operation.

The Lowara Submersible Pumps Best Practices include: when the pump can float, it is also immediately protected against the pump running dry. You can use these pumps as construction or sewage pumps because the pumps (depending on the type) are generally wear-resistant and clog-free. 

Construction and sewage pumps

Lowara pumps come in many formations and sizes for various applications. For example, construction often uses a robust submersible pump with a more significant free passage. These submersible pumps can constantly pump sand or even sludge.

Domestic uses of Lowara submersible pumps

Lowara Submersible Pumps Best Practices include domestic applications, which may be for pumping out a cellar. When the pump has to start at a specific water level, we can use a float.

High-Efficiency Pumps

The pumps we supplied have an exceptionally high efficiency, like our Ecocirc Xlplus 32 120 F

, so the energy consumption remains low. Our high-efficiency Lowara pump motors suit higher temperatures.


The National Pumps and Boilers are a specialist firm in industrial submersible pumps and your partner in finding suitable solutions. Our firm has various pump experts with years of experience overhauling, advising, and selling pumps for industrial applications and installations.