How Do Level Access Showers Work?

You know someone who struggles to get in or out of the shower or bath? A level access shower can be a viable solution to make personal care more comfortable and safer, helping to support the independence of older adults and providing a more comfortable wash for those who struggle with mobility.

What exactly is a Level access shower and how do they work? Keep reading to find out…

What is a Access Shower? Access Shower?

A shower with a level access is a shower without any steps or trays and is totally level with the bathroom floor. It’s a bit like a wet room It allows those who struggle to get into a conventional shower to be able to step into their shower just like any other part of their bathroom.

This secure and practical design is a simple and dignified solution for anyone who has a limited mobility, like seniors, wheelchair users or anyone else who has a restricted mobility. They’re also a fantastic solution for anyone needing help with personal hygiene tasks because they’re more spacious and allow relatives or caretakers to be able to help with washing.

What is the process for Level Access Showers How Do Level Access Showers Work?

Showers with access levels are basically identical to a wet room. Instead of having a closed shower with a tray which you have to step into, the entire space transforms into a waterproof easily access shower.

With floor-to-ceiling, waterproof tiles, a non-slip floor and a clever drainage system that makes sure the water drains away quickly they can provide a simple solution to an often gruelling and even dangerous situation.

Why don’t they leak? Why isn’t the water able to get into the floor and then seep into the space below? Your new shower floor will have a slight slope that allows water to flow towards the drain so there’s no risk of water pooling. The slope is so slight that it won’t be noticed as you enter however, the water will have the option to flow into the drain.

As there isn’t a shower tray to be used this results in an easy shower with ample space and a bathroom that’s free of tripping hazards and extremely user-friendly.

What are the advantages of Access Showers? Access Showers?

Showers with level access help you maintain your personal hygiene as well as safer and more sanitary. For certain individuals, a level-access shower could mean the difference between living their final days at home, or moving to assisted living or a home for the elderly.

The benefits are:

More Independence – Level showers with access can provide access to adequate washing facilities for people who may otherwise not be able to remain at home.

More Space For Assistance – The entire room can be transformed into a shower, making it easier for caregivers and helpers to wash the person who is in need of assistance.

Rapid Safe Drainage the water drains to the floor, there’s no danger of flooding because the water drains fast and efficiently.

Elegant Design – With a diverse range of fittings and fixtures your new bathroom doesn’t need to look clinical. It is able to be styled to your specifications and look beautiful in your home.

Minimal Disruption very simple to install and can be installed in as little as 2-3 days.

Non-Slip Floors – Finished correctly the floor won’t get slippery. Ceramic tiles with an R Rating (Slip-Resistance-Rating) of at least R11 or higher are required.

Who is the best candidate for Level Access Showers?

Level access showers are ideal for the elderly, people with mobility issues wheelchair users and for anyone who would like more space to wash.

This doesn’t mean that they’re not a great choice for any household! Showers with a level access make showering children much easier, as you don’t have to contend with flapping shower curtains or obstructions to shower screens!

Shower rooms with a wet look have experienced a surge in popularity thanks to their easy convenience. Many households are opting to eliminate the tub in favour of a shower which not only cut down on water usage and also speed up morning and bedtime routines.

That means that although the modifications to your bathroom are likely to be permanent, it won’t be seen as a problem for potential buyers should it’s your intention to move out of the home. How long does it take to Install A Level Access Shower?

There are people who feel anxious over having their bathroom transformed as well as a level-access shower installed. Being able to have strangers come and go out of your home, and your bathroom being unusable isn’t a good idea, however, it’s quite simple to complete and the result is well worth the short-term inconvenience.

The amount of time required to complete the installation of your level access shower will very much depend on the volume of work needed along with the design and finishes you choose.

A simple shower installation and bath removal can take only two days, however a bathroom that needs complete refurbishment i.e. replacing the floor and walls will take approximately 2 weeks.

A meeting with one of our design experts can give you an idea of how long your project will take. They will also provide any tips on how to reduce disruption for you, making your installation easy and stress-free.

Things to be aware of…

Showers with level access are the security, convenience and simple option for those who want to have more accessibility in their bathroom. But as with all things there are a few things you need to be aware of before you choose to have the wet room or the accessible shower installed.

Regular Maintenance Will Be Needed as with all showers, it must be cleaned and the floor of the gully needs regular inspection to prevent slow draining.

They can look sloppy A bad design could leave your bathroom looking as if it’s a medical or nursing facility – this is easily prevented by hiring a reputable installer who takes design into account when planning your refurbishment.

Damp Build-Up – Uncontrolled steam can cause damp, so it’s vital to install the correct extraction system installed inside your wet space. An experienced installer will go through it together with you, and ensure you have the proper ventilation to ensure your home is protected.