10 Reasons To Put In New Windows In Westhoughton

If your house has old windows, it’s likely you’re not getting the numerous benefits windows that are new can bring. The latest innovations in design and technology mean that windows with modern technology can enhance our lives by reducing the amount we spend on our energy bills to helping us stay warm during the cold winter seasons.

We’ve created an overview of the top advantages homeowners can reap after purchasing new windows.

Replacement of windows can improve the efficiency of your home’s energy use

Double-glazed windows are an option for energy efficiency, and have additional benefits of reducing the sound. The space between both panes glass are filled the gas argon. Because argon gas is viscous, it serves as an excellent thermal barrier. This increased thermal resistance can reduce how much heat is that escapes during winter, and helps keep your house at comfortable temperature. Learn information about our energy efficiency of our windows and the possibility of upgrading to triple-glazed.

New windows will stop drafts

Are you feeling a cold draft coming from your window? One of the primary causes of drafty windows is when the seal of the window becomes ineffective. When the seal of the triple or double-glazed window is not sealed correctly and the gas that is trapped between the two panels will escape. In this case, the efficiency of your home’s energy usage will decrease and you’ll begin to feel the draft. In addition, your heating costs rise in the effort in keeping your home warm but damaged seal could cause air to leak between the panes and cause condensation.

Condensation can lead to the growth of mildew and mold because of the moisture in the air. If it’s left in your house, it can cause more damage through spreading through your walls, which could possibly cause structural damage in the future. Continuous exposure to excessive levels of condensation could decrease lung function and trigger or worsen chronic health issues such as asthma.

Windows with new windows are easier to maintain tidy

Another advantage to changing windows is that you’ll probably clean them less often windows. We all lead hectic lives which means the very last thing that we would like to spend our free time doing is to be occupied with maintaining windows! Both uPVC and aluminum window frames need very minimal maintenance. A simple clean with a damp cloth every once every few months will suffice to ensure your windows look like on the date they were installed.

The replacement of your windows will reduce the time required to maintain them

Traditional wooden windows need an extensive amount of maintenance. They require more maintenance and frequent inspections than aluminium or uPVC windows. Since wood is a natural substance, it’s susceptible to moving with the changing climate. It’s not uncommon for wood frame windows to shrink expand or crack as time passes. The natural structure of wood means it’s also susceptible to develop rot.

The replacement of your windows with modern and contemporary solution will eliminate the need for routine maintenance. If you choose uPVC or aluminum, you’ll feel secure knowing the windows you choose to install will manage them, leaving you with free time to concentrate on other things that matter.

New windows can improve your home’s visual appeal

If you’re looking to enhance the curb appeal of your home and curb appeal, then new windows Westhoughton is a sure solution. Select from our vast selection of windows, styles as well as colours and accessories to create the ideal style for you. Our uPVC as well as aluminium windows provide the most diverse selection of choices.


It’s not surprising that uPVC is one of the most sought-after options of windows for a long time. It’s a flexible and durable material that requires little maintenance and is available in a wide range of colors, styles and finishes that enhance homes of any time.

Our uPVC windows come in a wide range of gorgeous shades, from classic shades like White and Cream to woodgrain foils that resemble the natural look of wood and provide a low-maintenance option to timber. There are also two colour options, giving you an entirely different appearance on the outside and inside of your home , and giving an increased choice of style when you are choosing new windows.

Our uPVC windows are with a wide range of styles that include tilt and turn, casement flush sash windows French windows, and Sash windows.


We offer Aluminium windows are sleek and modern. If you have modern homes and would like a different option to uPVC We provide and install aluminium windows with a sleek modern look that is perfect for homes with modern designs. The frames made of aluminium can be purchased in any colour of RAL which means you can keep your design minimalist and classic or break the rules and make bold choices.

The most significant benefit of aluminium windows is their robust frames and clear lines of sightlines. This doesn’t only enhance the look of the window as well as the space it’s within, the greater glass space also lets more light to penetrate the room.

Replacing your windows can provide better opening and closing experiences

If your house has older windows, you might be aware that they’ve become more difficult to close and open. It is important to not ignore the issue because windows that aren’t shut properly can pose a security risk because it is easier for burglars to open the window and gain entry through. It also makes your home less efficient in energy use because heat from your home’s heating system is lost through gaping gaps.

Installing modern windows ensures your home is safe and secure, as well as energy efficient. In addition however, you will enjoy convenience every time you open or close your windows for many years to be. Our windows are fitted with security locks that are high-security to keep intruders from being able to get in They also have a 10 year guarantee to provide you with security, but windows are likely to last for much longer than the 10-year guarantee.

The replacement of your windows can boost the worth of your house

If you’re investing into your house, you need to consider the potential profits when you decide to decide to sell and leave. The replacement of windows is a guaranteed way to increase the value of your property’s value since they can make your house look and feel more appealing. Windows that are replaced not only enhance the curb appeal of your house for potential buyers, but the new windows will also improve security performance, efficiency, as well as noise reduction. All of these are factors buyers consider when they’re looking to purchase a new house. Installing new windows prior to selling your home can help that you get a huge ROI as prospective buyers are willing to be willing to pay more for a house with modern, stylish windows.

New windows will increase the soundproofing

If you live close to an airport, near an educational institution, or along an area with lots of traffic, the noise from the outside may be extremely loud within your home, which could be very disturbing and uncomfortable as you try to relax at home. The replacement of your windows with triple or double glazing could significantly reduce outside sound that enters your home. In certain instances, based on the type of glazing they choose for and the location they are in the area, homeowners have profited from a reduction in noise of up to 90% when they install new windows.

Replacing windows may help keep furniture and carpets safe from discoloration (UV protection)

Ultraviolet (UV) radiations originate from the sun, and penetrate the windows in our homes. Long-term exposure to UV rays can cause curtains and furniture becoming faded with time. Photos and artwork that are hung on the walls are susceptible to fade if they are exposed to UV Rays. Double-glazed windows reduce sunlight that gets into the room . This helps slow the fading of interior walls by up to 95 95%.