What Makes Aluminium Windows A Good Choice?

Picking the appropriate material for your house windows can be challenging and, while the differences in appearance are easy to spot but the practical aspects are arguably more important.

Windows are a vital element of your home, so you will need frames that keep your home safe, secure and energy-efficient all while delivering on your style expectations. The problem is identifying what kind of frames will provide this can be a lot harder than simply selecting one that looks good.

One frame material for windows that will give you many of the advantages you’ll need is aluminium. These are the primary benefits that you can anticipate when you pick aluminium window frames:


The most notable benefit for aluminium window frames is their durability. While all metal windows are durable but the aluminium alloys used in the production of window frames are extremely strong which is why they are ideal for windows with large openings.

If you’re considering making an unusually big feature window, aluminium windows offer the capacity to hold a massive pane of glass, without the requirement for mullions, or anything else to support the windows.

Aluminium is also the most suitable choice for triple-glazed windows. The glass layer that is used in triple-glazing could be too heavy for Upvc or even timber as the added weight can decrease the longevity of the window. This is obviously not the best option when you’ve paid for this energy efficient glazing. Unlike its counterparts, aluminium frames are more than up to the task of sustaining triple-glazing for years.

The durability of aluminium frames is beneficial even with standard double-glazed windows. It lets you have much smaller profiles, which means that the frames are smaller, which means you get more glass, more light and a cleaner look.


Along with being durable, aluminium window frames are tough and durable. The powder coating is resistant to corrosion and Their strength make them resistant to scratch.

When you have aluminium windows you won’t have to worry about weather’s effects on your frames as the coating on powder will stop moisture from getting inside the frames and causing them to turn into rot, as is the case with timber. Also, you don’t need to be concerned about extreme temperatures making them warp or break like uPVC. The steel windows will weaken with time in colder temperatures but this isn’t an issue with aluminium windows, either. They can actually increase in strength when exposed chilly temperatures.

The coating on the powder is so sturdy that you will not even notice much colour fading in time, like you might with uPVC and windows made of timber. Even when they’re under intense sunlight aluminium windows are able to hold its colour well.

In fact, the best aluminium frame windows last around 40 years, giving them the longest time-to-life of all window frame materials.

Low Maintenance

As they are durable aluminium windows, too, are low maintenance.

They don’t require regular applications of color to make them look stylish and they won’t require regular layers of stain or oil to make them weatherproof. A top-quality collection of aluminium windows will require nothing more than regular maintenance.

And the tough nature of their coatings will even make cleaning quick and simple too. Dirt won’t work it’s way into the surface or become ingrained unless the powder coat gets damaged. Wipe aluminium frames often and they should only need the quick washing with soap and water on ‘deep cleaning days.

Great insulation

You may be surprised to learn that aluminium windows can be among the most thermally efficient available but the key word to consider is ‘can’. Aluminium alone is able to transfer heat easily, which makes it an unsuitable insulator and no good for keeping your house warm.

But, if your aluminium windows are equipped with thermal breaks and their thermal performance increases, they will go up. This is due to the fact that the thermal break acts as an insulator, like the space between double-glazing panes, it stops the warmth from escape and prevents cold air from entering.

It is vital to make sure that you buy thermally broken aluminium windows. These windows will offer excellent energy efficiency. They will easily meet and even exceed UK building regulations. Another benefit of aluminium frames is that they’re strong enough to withstand triple-glazed glass, which will help you maximize the efficiency of windows.

Environmentally Friendly

If sustainability is at the very top of your priority list, you’ll find that aluminium window frames are a fantastic choice. A majority of the benefits we mentioned above contribute to their impressive sustainability performance.

Their strength means that less aluminium needs to be manufactured per frame, in comparison to the frames made of uPVC or thicker timber.
The lengthy life expectancy that they provide is why you’ll need to replace windows less often. This drastically reduces your carbon footprint on every frame compared to those with a much shorter life.
As excellent insulation, they will assist in making your home as efficient as it can be and reduce the need to use your central heating and lowering your carbon footprint as well.

However, the final advantage of sustainability for aluminium is the ease with which it can be recycled. A mere 5percent of energy required to make the typical aluminium window is needed to recycle it, and it can be recycled for as long as you want to ensure there is less waste created.

In fact 75% of the aluminium that is employed in the world of currently has already been recycled to show how long-lasting and reusable it is.

Is Aluminium Window Frames Worth It?

If you’re looking for windows that are durable, durable, easy to maintain and highly sustainable, then aluminium windows are certainly worth the investment.

On top of all their practical advantages, they also have striking aesthetics, with clean crisp lines that are perfect for modern buildings. They also look fantastic in older homes, creating an intriguing contrast and distinct aspect.

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