Which garden trampoline should you choose?

As the weather warms and the days get longer, people are searching for fresh ideas for outdoor activities. Garden trampolines, for adults and kids are popular choices since they allow you to take advantage of the outdoors with all your family while staying in good shape while having fun. Which garden trampoline is the best one to choose? Find out more in this article and discover the most crucial points and factors to bear in your mind.

Trampoline types

Our article is on trampolines for the garden, but let’s first take a look at different types of trampolines general. While they all serve for the same reason, i.e. jumps, there exist various kinds. This includes:

Garden trampolines are generally big and may be utilized by many individuals at once.

Home trampolines, a smaller option to those above. Like the name implies, they are designed to be used indoors.
Fitness trampolines – their dimensions is similar to those of the home, however they come with handrails that can be used for doing various workouts.

The above mentioned types of trampoline can be enjoyed by both adults and children.

Garden trampolines are among one of the main attributes

If you are considering a trampoline for your backyard there are a few aspects to be aware of in order to purchase a long-lasting and secure product. Do you wish to to use the trampoline for a long time to be? Here’s what you need to know prior to deciding which one is best suitable for you:

Maximum load – this number is the maximum weight the machine can handle during its use. If it is exceeded, damage could be caused to the mat, as well as the springs. This can lead to injury to the user.

Frame – a sturdy frame is an important factor to consider. It should be made from robust materials that can stand up to massive loads. Also should the trampoline be designed intended for outdoor use make sure the trampoline is not prone to corrosion.

The elasticity and the durability of the mat is vital. If it is of poor quality, it may tear after just a few jumps. If you buy mats to replace it, make sure that it is of the proper size.

Springs – they are responsible for the higher heights of jumps. Verify that they are securely fixed to the frame and mat.

Spring covers protect both the user as well as the springs. If you jump, they prevent the user from accidentally hitting their feet on springs. They also guard the springs from damage caused by external forces.

Net – some trampolines for children have a specially designed net to prevent the user from falling off during jumping.

The above list outlines the essential factors to be aware of. You can examine the design and size of the trampoline in your garden. The larger it is and the larger it is, the more people can utilize it at once.

Standard trampoline diameters

There are various sizes that are available. The size you pick will depend on the size of space available. Additionally the age of the kids who will use it will be considered in your decision. Trampolines with smaller diameters are better for children who are younger, e.g. for toddlers, 6-foot diameter is sufficient.

Larger dimensions, on contrary, are more beneficial for trampolines that are to be used by only a handful of people simultaneously:

with a diameter up to approximately 8 feet. They are designed to be used by one person, or a maximum of two people at a time.
A diameter of 8-10 feet . They are designed for a couple of people.
A diameter that is in the 10-12 foot range designed to accommodate a maximum of four people.
A diameter that is in the range between 12-16 feet. These can be used by up to six people.

But, keep in mind that every additional person is the weight is higher. So, prior to joining an existing group on the trampoline verify the load limit the trampoline is able to handle. Also, don’t forget the fundamental safety guidelines.

What can you do to ensure that the trampoline is safe for little children?

Garden trampolines are generally excellent activities for children of all age groups. The thrill of jumping to incredible heights is fun as well as an excellent physical exercise, which is so required by kids in the present day and age. However, as with all with any type of entertainment, you should be sure that your children aren’t at danger of harm.

We’ve already talked about the safety nets for trampolines in gardens. They are typically installed with two methods – both externally and internally. The first kind is just a mat for jumping and serves as an additional barrier between the person using the trampoline as well as the springs. The nets on the outside are placed across the entire surface of the trampoline. They include an entry point that can be open and shut using zippers Velcro or other fasteners. Take note of the dimensions that the net is. In general trampolines with larger nets should have larger nets.

Another aspect of safety that you should be mindful of is the covers for sharp parts. Alongside covering springs, they must also be used to cover the areas of the frame that are visible. They are most common on trampolines that have nets. The covers are typically constructed of soft materials, like foam. A further protection option for children are ladders that can be removed, allowing them go on and off the trampoline with no adult supervision.

Follow the directions that are provided. They will provide not only information on the what the equipment is intended to be used for, but also about potential safety risks.
Designing the area for your trampoline in the garden

The installation of a trampoline within your yard isn’t going to need any major changes. But, it is important to think the following safety guidelines.

The first thing to do is ensure that you place it on a level surface. Any recesses or bumps can cause the frame to turn or even flip the entire trampoline when it is in use. Manufacturers advise that trampolines not be placed on concrete, tarmac cobbled, cobbled or any other hard surfaces. These could be a danger for those who fall out of the trampoline in the course of use. A lawn for the garden is the most suitable option.

Make sure there aren’t any other objects in the vicinity of the trampoline like playgrounds or barbecues, garden furniture and so on. Similar to fencing, walls and pools. Also, there shouldn’t be obstacles, bushes, or animals underneath the trampoline. You should ensure that there is plenty of room above the trampoline to allow for leaping, i.e. stay clear of low trees and electric wires, roofs and other dangers.

If you follow these guidelines by following these tips, you can choose the best spot for your trampoline in the garden. If you’re interested in some more ideas for garden design take a look at our article on creating a backyard swimming pool.

A trampoline for the garden can be an excellent way to spend time with your family. It’s also a great exercise to maintain your fitness to strengthen your muscles, and increase endurance. An intelligent purchase is crucial to make sure you maximize the advantages of a trampoline in the garden.

Be aware of the most crucial parameters, i.e. your maximum weight, dimensions of the mat used for jumping as well as the materials used as well as the kind of springs and whether or not it comes with a net as well as protection covers. Be sure to make your garden ready by ensuring you have a level surface, and maintain a safe distance from any object that could cause danger to users. This way you’ll be able to enjoy a pleasant and secure use for years to take.

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