The Property World Has Not Come To An End, Despite What The Papers Say

Here is some cheering news from Christopher Watkin, using data from Twenty EA. It goes to show that despite what the popular press might have us believe, the property world has not come to an end.


For the first 8 weeks of every Q4 (i.e. like for like) – so that’s all of October and most of November, these were the AVERAGE number of house sales agreed PER WEEK (i.e. went SSTC) in the UK:

2016 19,005

2017 17,873

2018 19,398

2019 20,309

Then we had a couple of boom years:

2020 29,455

2021 24,711

and now end of the world (according to the newspapers)

2022 18,399

Watkin says:

“Not so end of the world is it ? – just going back to the ways things were pre-lockdown.

“It’s tough out there – but it’s not end of the world like the newspapers say.”

He also sent EYE this graphic with the data from the most recent week alone – which Watkin is happy for agents to use and which they may find useful in discussion with their customers.

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