The Benefits of Turf

Turf and the benefits to the community

When you next watch the lawns grow, take note of the significant contribution of lawns and turf for recreation for our community. Lawns also have crucial roles in water conservation as long as people are educated properly.

Turf grasses play a crucial part in the overall well-being and health in our societies. Because of the growing urbanisation and the destruction of forests, they are becoming more vital to human health. Turf isn’t just an essential factor in beauty as well as relaxation for our lives, but it also provides a clean solution to our planet.

Turf is often the focal point of the garden. Most people see a lawned garden as a one of the aspects of an Australian dream. Turf can transform an ordinary house into a residence. It doesn’t just soften the appearance and enhances the aesthetics of homes, but also significantly improve its value.

Turf is the ideal surface for all different ages. Whatever your purpose is making a home for your family, walking your dog, enjoying a barbecue or playing professional sports, or simply having a jog around with your friends There is no better surface. It decreases the chance of injuries to the body through its cushioning capabilities and children are more secure when playing on grass than on any other surface.

Lawns in parks, homes and sports areas enhance our environment as:

They’re a cost-effective “injury prevention” playing surface that is suitable for sports.

They eliminate pollutants and dust, thus helping to reduce respiratory ailments.

They aid in relaxing they are visually pleasing and help reduce glare and noise.

“Backyard” lawns offer an area that is relatively safe for kids to play.

They’re a focal point for the outdoors and socializing, as well as they are a “run” pet.

They help reduce global warming.

They’re a constant source in oxygen, cool air and reducing the effects of heat islands.

By reducing stormwater run-off at peak lawns help reduce erosion and flooding.

They let rainfall provide groundwater to the trees and shrubs

The risk that homes will be destroyed by fires is decreased by the lawns.

Lawn roots (except Kikuyu) do not harm the pavement, nor hinder drainage.

The open lawns give you the feeling of security

They improve the an increased visibility (of cyclists, cars and pedestrians) which reduces the chance of collisions.

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The advantages of Turf


Air quality control and air pollution control

Oxygen generation

Dust prevention & stabilisation

Carbon sequestration and sinks

Purification and filtration of water (phytoremediation)

Water run-off reduction

Rainwater harvesting and entrapment Groundwater recharge

Reduced movement of nutrient & loss of

Erosion control

Restoration and improvement of soil

Bioderadation of organic compounds made of synthetic materials (phytoremediation)

Reduce heat island effects

The reduction in the movement of nutrients and loss of

Erosion control

Reconstruction and improvement of soil

Organic compounds that are biodegradable (phytoremediation)

Eliminating the effects of heat islands


Playgrounds that are safe


Mental health

Physical health

Aesthetics / Economic:

Surfaces with low cost

The value of property has increased

Beauty / Entertainment

Community pride

Fire prevention

Glare reduction

Lawns are perceived to have disadvantages

Water Use

People are in the mindset that lawns require a lot of water in order to thrive. They do not. Most lawns significantly recover in the fall even after the dry summers. With proper preparation grass types can be among the most efficient water-users in gardens.


In the past, some harmful chemicals were utilized. Nowadays, turf professionals employ safer chemicals, and use them with attention. The majority of homeowners use little or no toxic products on their lawns.


Lawns play an important part in the recreational activities. Lawns are also a benefit in that during droughts where there is very little or no water, they typically endure, even if they’re inexpensive to replace.

Lawns are regarded as having heavy water use. If excessive amounts of water are being applied to lawns, it could be due to the fact that we’re not properly educated about the amount of water needed to sustain a lawn.

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