Sales Agent Suspended For Giving Prospective Buyer The Middle Finger

A sales agent working for Persimmon has been suspended after sticking up his finger up at a homebuyer.

Photos exposed by MailOnline show an employee of the housebuilder in Derby using the gesture during a row.

The gesture was made to a potential homebuyer looking to buy a property on the Buttercup Leys estate where the properties command an asking price of up to £400,000.

The estate has been hit by a series of controversies including Persimmon building an ‘eyesore’ fence without planning permission and claims that buyers were having to face upset, stress, depression and bullying during the process of buying homes.

The purchaser from Derby told MailOnline that he attended the sales office at the new development earlier this month to view a home with his two brothers and parents.

He said: “We had a viewing booked in for 4:30pm. Apparently they sent an email at 4:26pm that the appointment has been cancelled.

“We were not aware of it and realised after we got home and checked our emails.”

But after entering the sales office, the man claimed that the mocking started by the sales agent.

The man said: “After arriving, I entered into the sales office and said we had a booking.

“The guy looked shocked, he then saw my brothers and parents coming towards the entrance and asked, ‘all these people for a 3-bedroom house?

“I replied: ‘Of course mate, they all will be living and paying, there are three rooms in the house, you shouldn’t be judging or making comments like this.’ I felt insulted.

“He then said that I have a bad attitude and that he doesn’t want to show me the house anymore.”

The prospective buyer claimed that he then left the office but the sales agent then followed him.

He continued: “He [the agent] started making judgments like: ‘You can’t afford the house! Look at the car you are driving! What is this? Look at my gold tooth!,’

“He was also using swear words, so I told him to f*** off and that he had no customer service skills.”

The buyer also claimed: “He kept instigating, saying ‘U don’t know who I am! U see this golden tooth? Meet me outside of work and I will show you.’

“A lot of rubbish came out of his mouth. He completely ruined the experience, we all were very upset. It’s not nice to be threatened like this.”

But people who witnessed the altercation said rude exchanges were made by both the homebuyer and sales agent.

A Persimmon Homes spokesperson told MailOnline: “This sales advisor has been suspended pending a full investigation.

“Eye witness accounts suggest there was an unfortunate incident between both parties and our sales advisor has reacted in an unacceptable manner.

“Customer service is of the utmost importance to Persimmon and we are very sorry for this inappropriate behaviour whatever the circumstances. All customers and staff should be treated with respect at all times.”

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