Sacked EXp UK Agent Launches New Estate Agency After Ordeal ‘that Nearly Led Me To Take My Own Life’

Ian Wyn-Jones has announced the launch of a new family-run estate agency just a day after being dismissed by eXp UK for misleading some of his former clients.

Wyn-Jones, who was sacked on Tuesday, has also revealed that he contemplated suicide in recent months, while he was being investigated by eXp UK following a string of allegations accusing him of creating fake visits and feedback, false offers for houses, and failing to pass on offers to sellers.

The independent from Anglesey, who has two decades of experience in the industry, operated as a self-employed estate agent under the eXp UK brand. It was announced on Tuesday evening that he had been sacked by the firm.

But determined to bounce back stronger, Wyn-Jone, a former franchisee with easyProperty and a territory manager with Purplebricks before his time with eXp, took to social media yesterday to announce the launch of The Jones Brand Powered by IWJ Property Group, with plans to operate across North Wales.

Posting a message on LinkedIn, he said: “The brand will be rolled over North Wales headlined by myself and my son

“This will be a family company pushing the boundaries and making sure it done rightly across Wales and making sure vendors do not give their homes away no matter what value as I’ve got your back.

“Believe in your self and watch this space we been working hard behind the scenes while I’ve been getting better

“Rem Be Kind…”

Wyn-Jones was investigated by eXp in the United States by members of the eXp Global senior team, which concluded and found that he at times fell below the standards set out and expected by eXp.

However, the independent estate agent has criticised the process adopted by eXp, and the lack of support provided by the company – and the wider industry.

He issued this post yesterday: “I’ve been silent for the past three months, grappling with a heart-wrenching experience that nearly led me to take my own life. Throughout my five years of hard work, I’ve sold approximately 400 units, striving for consistency despite occasional mistakes. Unfortunately, I faced a situation where my son was threatened, and there were no consequences for the perpetrators, leaving me, as an agent, without any support from organizations that should be their to help not just me but others.

“Behind the scenes, I’m a single father who has raised my son alone, unbeknowning to many. I allowed industry bullies to dent my confidence and make me doubt my place here. It’s disheartening how negative and hurtful people can be, despite us all being human and striving for unity.

“Trusting the wrong people, including senior figures who promised to assist but prioritized themselves, taught me valuable lessons. Despite this, I’m committed to ensuring my son’s well-being and regaining my strength. The experience has revealed who my true friends are, highlighting the unfortunate reality of the world.

“I’m determined to come back stronger, charting my path independently. It’s a pity that the industry lacks empathy and support. My goal is to be someone who changes that, offering genuine care and backing for others, unlike the senior figures I’ve encountered.

“If someone needed help, I’d extend my hand without hesitation. I hope to make a positive difference and stand by those who need support, forging ahead my own way.”

Wyn-Jones has been contacted by EYE for comment.

eXp UK dismisses estate agent for abusing position and misleading clients

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