Pro-Development Voters To Be Targeted By Starmer

Yesterday’s edition of The Times carried an interesting lead story that referenced the data contained in the story we had running on EYE about Stack Data Strategy’s nationwide mapping of support or opposition to new development.

The Times reported that for the run-up to the next General Election, Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer is targeting voters who are pro-housebuilding ‘in a war on nimbyism seen as a vital part of his path to power’.

The Stacks data shows that housing is a top issue in 25% of what are seen as 100 of Labour’s most-winnable constituencies. These include Walsall & Bloxwich, Bournemouth West, Peterborough, Birmingham Northfield, Stoke-on-Trent Central, Northampton North, and West Bromwich.

The party manifesto is very likely to make housing a central issue of the election and Labour will particularly be going after the votes of first-time buyers and those who want the chance to occupy decent social housing.

Starmer has already committed to building 1.5 million new homes within five years and to do that will need support for the underlying requirement that some of that development will have to take place on what is currently classified as ‘Green Belt’ land.

In a piece of political smoke and mirrors Labour has taken to using the term ‘Grey Belt’ to describe Green Belt land that may include disused car parks or wasteland – and which could be used for development.

Rishi Sunak described Starmer as being willing to ‘tarmac over the green belt’ following the Labour leader saying he would give councils more powers to meet local housing need.

The Times story included news that a poll by YouGov for the Inclusive Growth Commission found that more than two-thirds of people were unable to identify what the Green Belt is, despite their opposition to building on it. 67% of participants when shown images could not say if land was Green Belt or not.

Are you in a NIMBY area? Heat map highlights opposition to new development

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