NEWSFLASH: Ben Taylor Steps Aside From CEO Role At Keller Williams UK

Ben Taylor

Keller Williams UK, has announced that Ben Taylor is stepping aside from the role of CEO and that Mark Readings – current Regional Director of KWUK – will assume the post of Chief Executive Officer from the 1st of October 2023.

Readings joined KWUK in September 2019 and was appointed to his current post of Regional Director in July 2022 following his roles as both an Operating Principal at the KW Plus Market Centre and as Chief Technology Officer within the business.

Taylor, will become Executive Chairman of Keller Williams UK and will continue to be the Regional Operating Partner for the UK business.

KWUK says that this restructuring will see Taylor pivot his focus from the day-to-day development and running of the UK business, to a “focus on driving forward strategic wider developments whilst ensuring the KW Board support and enable Readings in his new role”.

Ben Taylor said: “Over recent months the Regional Leadership Team and myself have been restructuring the business of KWUK and the changes of role for myself and Mark are key elements in delivering our future plans.

“The restructuring process has enabled us to evaluate past ‘roadblocks’ which have, on occasions, slowed the pace of growth for KWUK.

“During the last five years we have gained significant knowledge which has influenced our recent decisions and are driving valuable changes to our practices.

“As we enter the next exciting period for KWUK I am looking forward to continuing to work closely with Mark, who is a strong business leader and superb individual, in his new role as CEO.

“We enjoy a strong relationship which is built on trust, mutual respect and admiration for each other and our professional skills.

“Together we have agreed clearly defined accountabilities for both roles; and I will be supporting Mark, as CEO, through the continued ownership of strategic relations with both KW Worldwide and Shareholders.

” In addition to this I will also, through my mentoring of Mark, ensure that both Mark and KWUK have the tools and resources needed to take the value proposition to the next stage – creating KWUK as the place for entrepreneurs to thrive in building their businesses.”

Mark Readings

Mark Readings said: “I am obviously delighted to be taking on the role of CEO and, as always, the focus remains on empowering our agents to build businesses which allow them to lead the lives they desire.

“We currently empower hundreds of agents across the UK through local Market Centres and I shall be looking to build on this proven foundational model with a new UK lead strategy and a clear “agent led” philosophy.”

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