Furious Landlord Filmed Using A Chainsaw To Cut Through Door To Evict Tenant

Samuel Leeds

An angry landlord who used a chainsaw to cut through the front door of a property he owns to evict a non paying tenant has said he is not afraid of the potential legal consequences of his actions.

Samuel Leeds took to X (formerly Twitter) to share a video of him cutting a huge hole in the PVC front door of one of his properties with a chainsaw.

In the clip the landlord can be seen cutting a rectangular shape into the door, before kicking it in.

“This is what happens when you stop paying and refuse to leave my property,” he wrote. “Sue me. You’re a guest and have no rights.”

Speaking to the Daily Star, Leeds said most people that pay to stay in his properties are legally not tenants, but guests because they stay there on a Guest Terms of Hire, not the usual Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) contract.

“They have the same rights as people staying at a hotel. If they don’t pay, they simply can’t stay,” he said.

And asked if he was afraid of any legal reprisals, Leeds said that he backs himself.

“I am not at all worried about legal troubles. I took rigorous legal advice before entering the property and have a large team of lawyers that work for me. I’ve been to court many times and always win,” he said.

“Most of my tenants are fabulous, but the odd bad one give tenants a bad name,” he added.

Note: When first published this story referred to Samuel Leeds as ‘co-owner’ of Property Tribes. We have been asked to clarify that Samuel Leeds interest is related to Property Tribes Ltd. No share transfer has yet been publicly recorded at Companies House.

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