Fundraiser For ‘industry Legend’ Who Is Being Treated For Liver Cancer

Simon Whale

The following, with some light editing by us, has been sent to EYE by Simon Bradbury.

The phrase “industry legend” is undoubtedly over used, but most estate agents and suppliers would agree that, love him or loathe him, one person who definitely deserves that accolade is Simon Whale, also known as ‘Whaley’.

A legendary charity fundraiser, agency tech expert and, we are told, a fun and enthusiastic drinker, Whaley has recently been diagnosed with liver cancer and today he is having an operation to have the cancer removed.

In typical Simon Whale fashion he refuses to take the matter too seriously and, when first informed, with a clear reference to his alcohol consumption, said: “Of all the cancer’s I could have got, who would have guessed I’d get this one!”

Well, the industry has already come together and Simon Bradbury of well-known estate agency, Thomas Morris, has set-up a JustGiving page to raise funds on behalf of Whaley to either buy himself a stiff drink after the operation or donate the funds to the British Liver Trust – whatever he prefers.

Bradbury commented: “The guy who has done SO much for our amazing industry, we all need to show our support for Whaley and donating to this page will certainly demonstrate that”.

A fundraising target of £10 has been set [yes, really, ten pounds] and industry colleagues can show their support by clicking here.

Bradbury continued: “In the spirit of #DoItForDom, which Whaley has supported massively over the years, I’ve created the hashtag #W*NK4WHALEY. It would be great if people could share this on social media together with a link to the fundraising page.”

This fundraising initiative is supported by Relocation Agent Network, Agents Giving and Acaboom’s Suzanna Mavity who has also set up a WhatsApp group to deliver messages to Whaley in his time of need.

Some of these messages (well the most suitable ones!) will be shared at a later date and we will keep you updated as to Simon Whale’s progress.

We think that maybe a w*nk- even for Whaley – is a bit OTT in the circumstances but all of us at Property Industry Eye wish Simon well as he undergoes treatment.

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