Estate Agency Forced To Close Branch Following Visit From Bailiffs

An estate agency in Lancashire has been forced to close its office following a visit from bailiffs.

Ainsworth Lord Estates has shut its Darwen branch after enforcement agents entered its Market Street office last Thursday, January 31.

The estate agents’ office remains closed due to a dispute with bailiffs over an unpaid utility bill.

The notice from Commercial Rent Bailiffs Ltd says: “No unauthorised persons are permitted to entry into these premises any attempt to do so will result in criminal proceedings being instigated against you.”

Ainsworth Lord Estates offered reassurance to clients and tenants, saying the matter “will be resolved in the next day or so”. It said enforcement action was due to a dispute over an unpaid utility bill on a commercial premises they manage, which led bailiffs to visit the office in an attempt to recover the debt yesterday.

Ainsworth Lord said they were unable to resolve the issue during the bailiff’s visit, which meant they were forced to shut up shop until payment is made.

A spokesman for Ainsworth Lord told the press: “Due to a dispute with a large utility bill on a large commercial property we manage, the bills were put in our name by the tenant.

“This has resulted in us having a dispute with the enforcement officers on Wednesday afternoon, who came to collect payment but due to the time of the day we weren’t able to satisfy their enquiries.

“As a result our office will be temporarily closed, however we are functioning as normal from our Blackburn office in Mill Hill.

“We expect this matter to be resolved in the next day or so. (As everyone knows, trying to contact utility companies is not easy!)

“All tenants and clients remain unaffected by this interruption and its business as usual. Thanks for your patience and understanding.”

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