Average Estate Agency Lists 14 Homes In Current Market, Data Suggests

The average estate agency branch across Britain’s major cities is listing 14 homes for sale, according to research from iad UK.

The self-employed estate agency measured the number of residential estate agency branches across 15 major cities in Britain, before comparing this number to the current number of homes for sale in each city, including those sold subject to contract.

The data shows that, across the 15 major cities, there are an average of 661 agency branches per city, and an average of 9,246 listings, with 14 per office.

The study found that Liverpool had the highest number of listings per branch, with an estimated 8,602 active listings and 447 branches, or 19.2 listings per branch.

In Leeds, there were 7,598 listings and 421 branches, which equated to 18 listings per branch, and in Glasgow there were an estimated 16.3 listings per branch.

Glasgow was followed by Bristol (16.2), Sheffield (15.9), Cardiff (15.9), London (14.4), Manchester (13.7), Birmingham (13.5), Edinburgh (13), and Leicester (11.5).

The cities with the fewest listings per branch were Swansea (5.1), Newcastle (6.7), Aberdeen (7.3), and Bradford (9.2).

Lee O’Brien, managing director of iad UK, commented: “It’s striking to see such a difference in how many listings each agency branch is vying for from one city to the next. But what the data can’t show is how the very best agents will be successfully winning more of the available instructions.

“No matter what market you work in, nor how many listings you and your competitors are fighting for, if you are delivering exceptional customer service there are plenty of opportunities there for the taking and you will win a greater share of the available work. So regardless of how big or how saturated your market is, just focus on your own game and you will inevitably rise to the top.

“It’s also worth noting that this data comes during a time of economic turmoil when market activity is slower than normal, and at the end of the summer months which, too, are historically slow. As we enter the busy autumn period and the economic picture improves, we very much expect the number of listings to rise significantly, creating many more opportunities for agents the length of breadth of Great Britain.”

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